About Bathcode

aboutbathcodeBathcode is a producer of fine bath, body and haircare products for geeks, techies and lovers of great design. All our products are natural, animal friendly, and 100% Australian made. The palm oil in our soap comes from sustainable sources. Check out our unique range of soaps, hair products, and shower gels. You’ll find we are not your traditional cosmetics company



I’ve always harboured a love of good soap, but often cringed when buying it or receiving it as a gift. Why should soap that smells great and feel good on the skin always be marketed towards women? Pears is a prime example, they make a wonderful soap that is very masculine, and yet, their marketing is anything but.
I started thinking about the way soap was packaged and marketed, and my head was filled with fantastic images of retro, art deco, urban and high-tech designs that summed up the concept of Bathcode.
Then two incidents occurred that led to the start of the business. One day in 2007 I was browsing in my local library when I almost randomly plucked a book from the shelf. It was called The King of Sunlight by Adam McQueen, and was about William Lever, the man who built the soap empire that would eventually become Unilever. I took this book home and read it, and was immediately transfixed by the eccentric genius of Lever, a man who built an entire town just to produce his soap. Soap that was selling 17,000 tons a week in the late 19th century.kingofSunlight
The second incident was that out of the blue I sold one of my domain names for $1500. “It’s a sign” I thought. And even if it wasn’t, I used the money to start Bathcode. I found a local Melbourne manufacturer to produce my first soap, Bones, a pirate themed soap infused with rum. The first and only rum soap in the world.simonBathcode
Bathcode products are characterised firstly by great design, and secondly by bold fragrance combinations. We try to make every product have a unique fragrance not used in any other product in the world. This results in fragrances that are unusual, yet complimentary, and our products are that extra bit special as a result. But one thing is certain, no matter what the combinations, all our products smell great!

– Simon Whitaker, Melbourne Australia

Contact us at info@bathcode.com
ABN 19 437 897 353